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What is Bitcoin? Benefits and advantages of Money Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a currency like the euro or the US dollar, used to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents novel features and notable for its efficiency, safety and ease of exchange.
  • Here are some of these features:
  • It does not belong to any state or country and can be used worldwide alike.
  • It is decentralized: not controlled by any State, bank, financial institution or company.
  • It is impossible to counterfeit or duplication thanks to a sophisticated cryptographic system.
  • No intermediaries: Transactions are made directly from person to person.
  • The transactions are irreversible.
  • You can change bitcoins to euros or other currencies and vice versa, as any currency.
  • It is not necessary to reveal your identity when doing business and preserve your privacy.
  • The money belongs to 100%; can not be operated by anyone or accounts can be frozen.
In a way, it resembles Bitcoin cash we all know. In addition to presenting many of the characteristics of this medium Physicist, using Bitcoin always keep control of our funds. In addition, we also have many of the advantages that the digital medium offers us is immediate, it can be sent anywhere in the world, etc.

Benefits and advantages of Bitcoin
Image Currently, Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency worldwide and there are good reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. Both private users and vendors and business owners are in Bitcoin important advantages that have led them to adopt this system. Some, as we mentioned at the top, but there are many other beneficial reasons discussed below.
  • Bitcoin offers security to both buyer and seller.
In the recent past, security breaches have caused the theft of thousands of credit card numbers, leaving unprotected purchasers who may have suffered significant losses. When we make purchases with Bitcoin do not have to disclose sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank accounts and therefore there is no risk that the information is stolen from the online seller.

Bitcoin is also preferable to other online payment systems, especially for the seller. In Bitcoin transaction rates they are very low and there is no risk that fraudulent buyers and scammers reverse payment, staying with both the product and with the money.

Finally, the characteristics of Bitcoin allow pages to establish a trust service, ensuring that the seller receives the money only if the product has successfully reached its destination. This is often used on auction and sale of second-hand goods.
  • Bitcoin lowers costs by eliminating middlemen altogether.
Today is still very common that sending money anywhere in the world involve major fees or commissions due to the large number of intermediaries is in the process. This includes: bank transfer commissions, fees for accepting or using credit or debit cards, fees for services using "send money" or commissions for using services "online payment".

In Bitcoin no intermediaries and the money goes directly from person to person: from buyer to seller or owners. This reduces substantially the price of sending money and also allowed to sell products and services at a fair price.
  • Bitcoin is right.
In many traditional systems we send money is much easier than receive. This hinders the creation of new businesses and online stores. However, with Bitcoin, both options are equally simple and anyone can send and receive money without any restrictions. Also, if you own a business, both digital and physical, it costs nothing to start accepting bitcoins.
  • Your bitcoins are only yours.
The decentralized security system behind Bitcoin makes it impossible for anyone else who does not have your credentials can access your money. Your bitcoins are yours and can not be frozen or seized, can not close any account and only you have access to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This aspect is for many people perhaps most important: really feel ownership of their money and to be sure.
  • Bitcoin is democratic: the economy of the people.
When we say that Bitcoin is decentralized and there is no institution, company, state, organization or association behind it to control it, it is literally so. It is not a metaphor, but the present computer system actually allows the creation of this secure and reliable digital currency that favors free trade among people around the world.

In the next chapter we will see how Bitcoin works and what mechanisms make it possible:
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How to make money with a forum

Well many people start a forum as a simple fun and a way to share with friends, but over time the forum can get to become very popular, and that can create some problems, you may need a larger server or maybe you decide to have your own domain, any case is quite possible that what started as a hobby is not so easy to maintain, but do not worry I assure you no way to achieve get a lot of money with that old or new project.

How to make money with a forum?

Then I will give a series of steps that I think are the best ways to earn income with a forum.

1) Choose the platform: If your forum is new is important to start with the right foot and for me is to choose a platform that allowed you to grow personally think that there are only 3 platforms you should use, Xen Forum, IPB and Vbulletin, although 2 are paid are large platforms that allow you to grow and get very good users, plus all has great support, a good number of updates and of course a great community, unlike the free versions usually have big problems security and updated once or twice each year.

2) Choose the domain, to really make money with this system you need to have your own domain, finding the ideal can be tricky but a good way to do it is to find one related to the theme of your forum. I recommend Namecheap to buy mostly because they have very good prices and services.

3) Choose a server according to your expectations, if you have few users with a share server as Hostgator may be sufficient but if you expect to earn thousands of dollars a month maybe you should think about a dedicated server or at least one VPS.

4) The advertising system to use, without a doubt should use Adsense, just because it is not the system that pays if you have a lot of sponsors so you always find some related to the theme of your forum.

5) place where you place the ad is shown that just two ad units, one in the header (below the navigation bar) and the other integrated content are the best places, however there are many points heat where you can try and see what results you get.

6) To whom you must show you advertising: The best segment are those who come from search engines, Forums vbulletin allow you to make that differentiation with a simple code, so it will not be very difficult to achieve, but if you can not do , deals with users who are not registered, I have tried many forums and I'm sure that everyone has a code to differentiate ultimately users who are part of the community will suffer from a phenomenon called selective blindness, this means that as visited both the community and know where they are ads and simply ignore, is something like if you do not see, if you heard someone complaining about a bad CTR on forums is because they show their advertising to all people and as many they ignore it, gradually falls CTR and begin to earn less.

7) Original Content: This is a critical part for a successful forum, if you dedicate yourself to copy the contents of other people simply do not achieve anything and end up wasting your time and money, your forum should be special should address a topic that no one else so you can try to win many users and do not have to compete with other forums.

8) Optimization and Testing: No one can say that it has been successful if you have not made one or two mistakes and learned with them, and here is no different, is to try and see what works for you gradually find the way and you have better earnings.

Undoubtedly Adsense is the most important part of this system, know how to use and optimize it make a big difference, which is why I recommend that you download this ebook not only help you earn more, but it will give many Tips to make your forum and other Internet project succeed.

Money with your ebook, 20 sites to create, publish and sell your ebook or eBook

Disclaimer: All prices listed in this article are in US dollars. Often choosing a site where our ebook publishing can be a headache, there are several things to consider when choosing from which site to sell our ebook. The good news is that unlike traditional books, selling our ebook can choose from several different platforms. There are places for all tastes, most do not charge any initial cost, and most sales revenue going to you.

List of places to sell your ebook

1. Payhip
 Payhip handles the entire process, you can host your ebook on your site and it is they who are responsible for distributing it to customers. Payments are made through Paypal. Just upload your address book and ready, just promote it through a link they provide. free registration. Royalties for the author of 100%.

2. Lulu
Lulu has a wide network of retailers through which you can reach ebook readers, including iBookstore and Barnes & Noble Nook. free registration. Royalties for the author of 90%.

3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Publish your book on Amazon opens the doors of the Amazon Kindle, one of the favorite e-book readers in the world. All information about publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct here. free registration. Royalties for the author between 35% and 70%.

4. Booktango
free service that helps you create your ebook cover and then publish and sell. They are also connected to all major retailers in the industry. It is one of the platforms that most benefits the writers. free registration. Royalties for the author of 100%.

5. Kobo Writing Life
Kobo is a global network with direct access to millions of users reach. The good thing about Kobo Writing Life is you just have to send the text in Word and they are responsible for turning it into a book for you !, if you are not a fine or jealous of your design, it is an excellent option that can save you time. It also offers an affiliate program that pays 5% commission for those products. free registration. Royalties for the author between 70% and 80%.

6. Pubit
Pubit offers you the possibility to publish your ebook easily. It has a free service to convert your book and be compatible with the NOOK and other devices. It is also one of the services most committees retain, but because they promote your material to the entire network of Barnes & Noble. free registration. Royalties for the author between 40% and 65%.

7. MyEbook
free service that lets you create and publish your eBook. It allows payments through PayPal. free registration. Royalties for the author of 90%.

8. BookBaby
They offer a paid service that ranges from $ 99 to $ 249. They offer all kinds of services including design, promotion, etc. A more contracted services is more expensive publication. also they work with large retailers (Apple's iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, etc.) They also have an affiliate program. Registration $ 99 - $ 249 free. Royalties for the author of 100%.

9. ClickBank
Clickbank offers the attraction of a huge network of affiliates that can potentially promote our product. It is necessary to pay an initial cost of $ 49.95 and then commissions. It is an excellent platform to expand your business and a site with which you should become familiar if you want to do business on the Internet. Initial Registration $ 49.95. Royalties for the author between 50% and 90%.
10. Blurb

With Blurb, you can create your book online, edit and design it. Here's a link where you have videos that explain step by step how to create an ebook with Blurb. Once you created you can sell from Blurb or Apple iBookstore Registration free. Royalties for the author of 80%.

Smashwords publishing your book you can access networks Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor's Blio and hundreds of more networks, it is very powerful and gain much scope. They also have an affiliate program that allows you to promote other books in your blog or website. Here is a link to an excellent guide to publish on Smashwords Free registration. Royalties for the author between 60% and 85%.

Platform for selling digital products. Premium customers can support product development. Registration $ 4.99 per month. Royalties for the author of 100%.

13. eBookMall
Platform to promote and sell our Ebook, they are responsible for the promotion and give us a commission. You pay one of the lowest commissions, but that did not stop a try, often the sites that pay lower fees is because they guarantee more sales. free registration. Royalties for the author of 50%.

14. Ebookit
Ebookit gives you the ability to create a professional e-book and sell through large retailers. It requires a down payment and then commissions depend on the services requested. $ 149 initial registration. Royalties for the author between 50% and 80%.

15. Tradebit
Tradebit is another platform that lets you publish your ebook and sell it. Allows the option to sell the ebook through Ebay, you can also sell through our website or blog. Registration $ 5 per month. Royalties for the author between 70% and 85%.

16. Scribd
Only residents of USA, Canada, Australia and the UK can access the service. Scribd offers several features to create and publish your eBook. free registration. Royalties for the author of 80%.

17. PayLoadz
Payload is a platform for selling digital products. Your product will be offered to all visitors of PayLoadz, who claim to be tens of thousands per day. Initial Registration $ 14.95. Royalties for the author of 95%.

18. PaySpree
It offers the possibility to promote our product from thousands of potential customers and affiliates. The first publication is free, if you want to continue running after you access a Premium account and pay $ 29 to activate it, with that account Premium can post an unlimited number of products. free registration. Royalties for the author between 90% and 100%.

19. Click2Sell
Platform that lets you publish and sell electronic books. It offers protection against illegal distribution through encrypt the information. free registration. Royalties for the author between 90% and 95%.

I have spoken extensively E-Junkie in this post. Highly recommended.

Registration $ 5 per month. Royalties for the author of 100%.

25 things you can sell to make money

Making money can often seem more difficult than ever. Many people rely on pawnshops and Craigslist ads to get some extra money when things get tight. (And it's not always money tight, especially after Christmas?) The good news is, you do not have to hock your computer or your great-grandmother Chinese prize ends meet. Why not put your computer to work for you? Here are 25 things you can sell to make money from the comfort of your own home!

1. Old things
If you do not use it, why not make you a little money on it? The sale of household items and clothing old is not being used anyway is a great way to clean your storage areas and make some money at the same time!

2. handmade products
If you are handy with arts and crafts, you can sell these through sites like Etsy. It may not make you rich, but it can make a big sideline income.

3. Services
Do you like children, pets, or seniors? Why not sell your time caring and making their loved ones company of others? This is a good way to get some socialization and collect some money.

4. Work Freelance
If you are handy with a turn of the phrase, you can turn this into income by selling their work to e-publishers, article-writing sites, and even self-publishing. It's a good way to meet new people, make new connections, and generate income!

5. Reviews
Everyone has an opinion about something. Why you not get paid for yours? There are websites and companies that are willing to pay for their tickets and how to make their products and better services!

6. Consultations
Do consulting work can be fun and rewarding, and it pays well, if you're really good at what you do. Tutoring, helping to build a better web site, or even giving interviews and information about books and articles, can help earn extra money while doing things that you are really passionate.

7. plasma
Blood banks always need blood and blood products to help treat the sick and critically injured. Depending on your blood type, you can convert your blood products in a useful source of additional income.

8. sperm
Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of ​​selling their DNA. However, for couples who have difficulty conceiving by traditional methods, this can help them know the joy of fatherhood and help him out by giving him some money. Win win!

9. eggs
The eggs are by far the most sought after and expensive form of care conception. A woman who sells her eggs could realize up to $ 10,000 in one batch, making this a very lucrative way to help yourself while helping others to create a new life!

10. Blog advertising space
If you have a blog, you could be making money with it. High traffic blogs with interesting or controversial material can be leveraged to create an additional revenue stream for minimum effort on your part. Selling advertising on blogs can help drive more traffic to your own site and pull in extra money only for the time it takes to publish a sponsored ad!

11. ideas
His ideas may actually be worth the money. Writers, journalists and people from all kinds of professions are always looking for new and innovative ideas, and many of them are willing to pay good money for their thoughts and ideas. An example of this is

12. publishing services
Maybe you're not a writer, but you know good writing when you see it and how to do better. If you've ever said, "If this writer had just used this word," it has the potential to be an independent editor. Freelance writers are always looking for affordable editorial contributions. Waiting for a breakeven or perhaps lose a little money in the short term if this is done, but as its reputation and its clients grows, you can bet that you start making a lot of money for doing something that is done free way anyway!

13. Articles
Those with a gift of gab and a unique way to get your point across are worth much money to blog owners, and are willing to share., and are all great places to make money with their ability to communicate!

14. Cover Art
If you like playing with computer graphics and images, and you enjoy imagining characters from books on the screen, you have everything you need to be a cover artist. A good artist separate cover can earn $ 75 or more per created cover, and many sites cover art, even make special promotions on sale in premade covers to help generate business.

15. photo manipulation
If you're good with Photoshop or Gimp, and like restoration or photo manipulation, you can turn your hobby into income! photo retouching, color correction eye, and even cropping images for Christmas and birthday cards are all ways that you can make money on your chops fixing photos.

16. Mystery Shopper
Companies like to know what the customer experience is like on their sites and in their stores. Why not become a mystery shopper? Mystery shoppers can make a full time income working only three or four hours a day, making this a great solution for moms and people who want to make extra money without committing to a schedule stay at home full time.

17. Advertising space in cars
If you've ever seen wrapped in an advertisement of a company vehicle, the logical conclusion is that the person driving work for the company. This is not necessarily the case, however. Companies will have to pay between $ 400 and $ 900 a month or more for you to turn your car into a mobile billboard for your product or service, that is, most places, such as coverage of their income and possibly a load or two grocery!

18. Gold jewelry
With gold at record prices per troy ounce, which is a good time to weed through your drawer or jewelry box and get rid of some of that awful jewelry inherited or were given by well-meaning but misguided friends or family. The value of gold fluctuates, but you can expect to earn about $ 600 an ounce or more, which means you could be sitting on a treasure trove of extra money!

19. spare room in your home
Renting a room in your home may not seem like a great idea, but if you can find a solid tenant, reliable, renting a room is a great way to earn extra money while helping someone else has on their feet . Depending on the rental market in your area, you can rent a room for anywhere from $ 150 to $ 1,000 a month or more.

20. "flipping" itemsSometimes you have to spend money to make money. Purchasing items from eBay, Etsy, or even Craigslist, rehabilitate, and turning around sale can net big profits. A good rule of thumb here is to never spend more than 75% of the list price of the item and never accept less than 25% more than you bought it for.

21. Books
If you have a pile of old books they no longer read, someone else might want them! Used book stores often store credit to pay 50% of what books can be sold, or 25% of its value in cash. This is another great way to clean house and clean at the same time!

22. Video game consultation

Believe it or not, people can actually get paid to help online gamers navigate puzzles, defeat bosses, and solve problems troubleshooting. Being an expert in video games is a good way for players to earn money while helping beginners to overcome this exasperating level it had many problems, and could pay up to $ 50,000 a year!

23. recyclables

Bottles, cans, bags, newspapers ... the list of things that can be recycled just gets bigger. Check out the website of your local recycling center and start a collection tray of the things they make. Recycling is not only good for the environment, but great for your pocket!

24. Photos

How would you like to turn your hobby amateur shutterbug in a job to make money? Sites like are always looking for new license photos. The best part of doing this is posting their pictures can become a perennial source of income that pays over and over for images that you thought no one will want!

25. Start your own business

Maybe you have a new take on an old business model, or if you want to try a new approach to an idea that has always wanted to work. Why not start your own business? Direct expenses out of pocket could be as little as $ 15-20 per month or as high as your budget allows, but remember that you have to spend money to make money! Starting your own business can be a rewarding way to make money on their terms and schedule, and the earning potential is limited only by what you are willing to invest in their success.

5 Ways To Make Money Online

Although the global market has not yet reached the caliber "Jetson" with people flying to the office in compact spaceships, it has evolved to allow workers never have to leave the comfort of your own computer. Below you will find a variety of ways to make money online, as well as general advice for anyone who wants to succeed in the online world.

Method 1 of 5: quick ways to make money online

1. Auctions domain names: Domain names are valuable space Internet and some people actually make a good living out of buying and selling them. One strategy is to use Google Adwords to find keywords that are trending and use that information to buy domain names that you think may soon be in demand. However, since the short domain names, snappy, or simple have mostly been taken away, you can also get the domain name lucky purchase are random acronyms, as you never know when a person or company with those initials accurate decide to create a website. (, for example, sold for more than $ 200,000 a Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation decided to go online. Not bad for three letters.) For more tips, read How to Buy a cheap domain name.

2. Make online surveys. Online surveys will not earn much everyone, but do not eat much time either and can add up when cash is needed in a pinch. Read How to make money with free online surveys for more tips.

3. Transcribe audio. Websites are getting better and better about providing written transcripts for hearing impaired people, which means that the work of pop-up transcriptionist quite regularly. Transcription is generally poorly paid, but also easy, fast and does not require much commitment. Check Elance or oDesk for movements of current transcription.

4. Edit audio. If you have and know how to use sound editing software, you can clean webcasts and interviews before going online. Again, look at a site like Elance or oDesk opportunities.

5. Enter contests. Since they are not paid unless your entry wins, search for a wide range of free competition in a field that is already has a large number of possible entries (eg. Photos, logo making, design background) and present their work to as many places as you will. It might take a day to get through all of them, but even some small successes (or, preferably, a large large) will make up for it. The experience can even steer it in a new creative direction.

Method 2 of 5: Making Money through Online Marketing

1.Conviértete in affiliate marketing. This is a great way to earn money for promoting products or services of another person without having to carry any inventory. Affiliate ads are usually incorporated into your website / blog / page site through related items (great when its content is strong and compelling, but must be done carefully to avoid looking spam), videos product placement (ideal if you're funny or have a talent performance) or, less and less commonly, banner ads (rather ineffective, as most people avoid these like the plague). If necessary, you can also become an affiliate marketing without a website (by posting videos on YouTube that contains links to products, for example). Check out a site like Commission Junction for possible products and services.

If you have a lot of traffic, you may want to advertise cost per click, you do not earn much per click, but banks in the fact that the large number of visitors will build your income.

If you have a very strong content, you may want to advertise cost per acquisition, which makes you a decent commission (either a fixed amount or a commission, depending on what you have previously agreed to) every time someone on your site makes a purchase with its subsidiary company.

2. Become a mystery shopper online. Most people have heard of mystery shoppers in the real world, but with the change to the virtual enterprise is becoming more and more common to send mystery shoppers-hunting online. If you're just starting out, you are prepared to meet the cost of their purchases, as your refund will depend on whether or not you are a mystery shopper capable.

3. Make marketing webinar. This is simply done online marketing seminar - except that it is much cheaper than making real seminars and does not require repeated performances. If you are an authority on a subject that others would be willing to pay to get more information on record yourself giving a talk on the subject in a professional place (traditionally a conference room, although this may change depending on the subject) post it on your website, and advertise.

4. Consult other professionals for jobs. If you know someone whose skill and work ethic that is willing to support, consider referring to a prospective employer. If that person is hired, you stand to make anywhere between fifty and a few thousand dollars depending on the position. Check out a site like ReferEarns or WhoDoYouKnowForDough for more information.

Method 3 of 5: Earn money through online content

1. Sell your music. A few years ago, Radiohead made headlines by selling his latest album through its own website and rake in the dough - for donations, no less. Although the act does not have status Radiohead (yet), many game of small, independent, and even big name acts have followed: as it turns out, a handful of sales without intermediaries to a lot adds more than end most artists with once the recording industry has achieved its "quotas".

2. Become a freelance designer. Create a web page showing your portfolio and build a customer list by job search online classified ads. Although it takes more time to settle doing business this way, you can set their own prices and not have to share their profits with the house of graphic design.

3. Sell stock photos. This is a good way to make money while pursuing a fun hobby. Since people seek Stock photos by keyword, your work will be on the same playing field as everyone else, which means you must file any picture that you think is decent. Once published, your work is done, and while you will not do much more general sale, which has a good number of pictures that can mean the accumulation of a good monthly extra income, virtually no maintenance. iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, and Fotolia are some good places to shop around.

4. Sell your ebook. eBooks are not for everyone, but if you've ever found an innovative solution to a desperate situation and just wished you can pay someone to give you the fastest response, chances are there is a market out there for an electronic book on the theme. Shop around to see what's available and find people posting in forums with similar topics. Do not waste your time writing an e-book on something someone can easily find answers to; It is something you want to reserve for people who are at their wits' end.

5. Sell an application. In a market of several million people, 1 or 2 dollars per sale can go a long way. If you have a great concept, but without programming know-how, it might even be worth hiring a programmer. Just be sure to shop around similar ideas, find ways to outperform their competition, and meet the standards of the company whose devices that sells you the applications.

6. Selling items. A lot of small businesses, and marketing web pages need good content writing and integration of keywords without problems to help them get more traffic. Although you will not do much to begin with, most items will be only 200 to 300 words, which are very easy to put out. As you can demonstrate that you can start charging more for their services. If you are a skilled writer, you might even try to send your work to formal publications.

Method 4 of 5: Earn money through online sales

1) Create an online store. Selling online is especially useful if you have an article niche that can not attract enough business to survive in a physical place, but, of course, online stores everyday items, nowhere is not going, either. If you are not particularly web savvy or can be bothered to maintain a website, you can set up shop on a site like eBay or CafePress (surcharge). Otherwise, you can hire someone to design a website for you or even make your own.

2) Create a virtual store. Believe it or not, vendors that sell virtual items from inside online games can make money in the real world. By creating an avatar of himself and setting up shop, you can do business with other players (or even just advertise your business in the real world). Of course, you must first find a game that allows and pay to set it up, but once you're in, you can reach a variety of people in different age groups and locations around the world. (MMORPGs, games massively multiplayer online role) are especially good places to do this.

Method May 5: Pointers when working online

1) Make a good first impression, no matter what kind of effort trying online. As with any business, your brand (web site, shop, virtual portfolio, etc) should grab the prospects attention, attractive and encouraging him / her to learn more. A strong brand should include intelligent and insightful copy written form, a description of their offer, product description, news and information and numerous opportunities to respond (call to action).

Differentiate your product / service competition. Consider what makes your business unique, focusing on the brand, the specific suite of services and how the product or service will solve the customer's problem. Rate these differentiation factors in order to establish their brand apart from the rest.

 Keeping a friendly tone accessible. Do you want to invite your client to interact with you to be sure that while the copy on your site or portfolio should be informative, but must also communicate a friendly tone that will encourage communication and interaction with customers.

Having a solid contract with its sister company. Enlist the help of a lawyer or a lawyer review the contract of its parent company so you know how he was paid and the basis for payment (for example, if it is based on work done, strong sales, registrations, conversions , references, etc.).
Follow up with after an initial customer interaction. Because you have not had the benefit of meeting face to face, which will have to be proactive (but not a stalker) online. After a first meeting with a client, send a thank you email a few days to remind the customer about their satisfaction. Open the shift of additional questions and let your potential customer know they are excited about the opportunity to serve him / her.

2) Optimize your skills and knowledge in order to create a strong online presence. Although it is possible that a seller or talented graphic designer, you may not know how those talents will translate online.

Take a course of search engine optimization. Whether online or possibly offered at your local community college, learning about search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component for a successful online career. SEO training will teach you how to position your brand or store higher ranking in the search engine Google for your business is hit first when potential customers are conducting a search.

Write a business plan. Even if the business plan never leave the team, creating a plan that will give direction and goals, which will help keep you on track and focused specific.

Consult with experts. If you have a friend or colleague who has succeeded in making money online, touch to his / her knowledge and experience. Find out what worked well or what he / she has tried to get bombed. Extract as much knowledge and understanding to help guide you on how you will create your online business.

3) Make sure you have the dedication and focus to work independently. If you plan to make your online money making endeavor a success, you must have what it takes to manage your time and pursue his art.

Examine your financial needs. Do you need to make a large income or are interested in making money online just to have some mad money? The amount of income that will most likely dictate the amount of time and effort you need to spend to make your online business a success.

Assess the amount of time you can devote to your online business. Are you a mother and housewife with two young children and a school schedule and demanding cleaning or are alone with no strings attached (or somewhere in between)? Identify the hours during the day you can devote to your business and compare those hours to the amount of money you need to do. Usually, especially with some companies, the first months and years are considerably longer, especially if you are building a customer list.

Be honest about your work habits. Are you a self starter, motivated enough to stay on task and work without a boss check you, or are you easily distracted by phone, children or other environmental disturbances? Online work needs a huge amount of motivation and focus in order to achieve their goals of generating cash.


Do your research before signing up for any online program. If the company asks for money as a "start-up" or offers you a contractual agreement, do your research by scanning Consumer Reports and get other opinions about the company. Companies in line predators posing as legitimate opportunities to make money online can be to grab some quick cash, but then leave you a real chance to make money.

Investing in Forex, Tips for choosing the best broker

Investing in Forex, learn to choose a broker

How to choose a broker to invest in the forex market?

The Broker or Broker is the financial institution in which we will deposit our funds to open an account and invest in Forex.

A number of factors must be taken into account to make the right decision as there are many brokers in the market and each offers a range of variables that must be taken into account.

Here we describe the main variables that should be taken into account when choosing a broker to invest in the forex market.
  1. The capital held by the Broker: It is important to know the capital available to the Broker as when we make gains we must be sure that the Broker has sufficient funds to pay us. Brokers generally do not disclose this information, but you can find the list of employees working for the broker, how great the organization, how many customers operate with him, and several other factors can come to our knowledge.
  2. Market and products offered: We need to know which markets we operate, and we want to invest in that product. There Brokers offering forex, commodities, futures, among other financial instruments.
  3. Fees:There are brokers that do not charge commissions and its profit comes only from exchange rate spread or differential (difference between the purchase price and sale of an asset).
    If we choose a broker that charges fees if we have to consider what those committees are; may be fees for the purchase, fees for withdrawals, account maintenance fees.
  4. Spread: The spread as we said before, is the difference between the purchase price and sale. Investors always prefer a small spread to pay less to the Broker. Spreads can be fixed or variable. If the spreads are fixed, this means that in times of increased volatility always be fixed. If the spreads are variable, then in times of less volatility the spread is smaller but in times of increased volatility, the spread will be higher.
  5. Services: Brokers usually provide a range of services that can be helpful for traders. technical, fundamental, recommendations, news analysis and graphics are usually the key. Beginners investors have to take into account this service as managers of the Spanish customers can assist in all these issues.
  6. Customer service:We need to check for people who speak Spanish in the Broker we choose and we can help with any problem or question. There Brokers also enable communication through chats, phone support, email, and all this for 24 hours. In addition of course those attending should we have knowledge in financial markets.
  7. Execution: One of the most important to consider when choosing a Broker variables is the speed of execution. It is best that the execution is automatic, so when we want to enter or exit the market at a certain price, usually the Broker respects.

How to make money with my photographs of Instagram?

Instagram has become the quintessential application to take pictures with the iPhone share them on the network; through his fame, other multiple services have emerged that not only allow us to sell our images in digital format, but also print them and get money from them in physical form.


Instacanvas transforms your favorite digital images of Instagram in precious canvases come home ready to be hung. Upon entering the site, you can select 'Create gallery and sell my photographs to the public' or 'Buy a fotografía'.Existen 12''x12 boxes'' from $ 39,99 and other 20''x20 '' by $ 79.95. Post your pictures and try it completely free; however, a sale can take just 20%.


Sell your photos of Instagram is simple with Stockphotopants are you responsible for placing the price of your images and also can earn 100% total of what you get with the sale. However, offering your photos on the site is not free: you must provide an annual amount of $ 39.


Instaprints offers the same service as Instacanvas but with a striking variety; forget the paintings of pre-established steps and choose what to do with your picture (measures, greeting cards ...). In Instaprint you can choose which want to win and monetary amount, based on the money they choose, they will place the price of your piece .

You may be interested to read as having more likes on instagram

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

What is affiliate marketing? Strategy, payment model, formats and communication channels.

Affiliate marketing is considered a digital marketing discipline that aims to achieve results. These results may be selling a product, generate traffic to the website, generate leads or prospects database.
It is done through third parties, which are affiliates who collaborate with the advertiser to earn a commission or remuneration.

It is ideal for advertisers who should not pay or make an investment to achieve the expected results model. It differs from other models campaign there is no initial investment to generate results, but is paid at the time the results are generated. Affiliates are responsible for marketing the products and only charge if they achieve the result.

Who are part of a strategy of affiliate marketing?
There is a relationship between the advertiser, affiliates, the affiliation platform and in some cases digital marketing agency that provides services, all are acting to get a WIN-WIN, that is a relationship in which everyone wins something. We explain each case to make it clear that action must take each of them.

Advertiser: the person or entity that sells the product or service sold. Examples of advertiser can be a bookstore that sells books or ebooks or airline marketing the flights. In these cases its digital sales channel is developed for a third party from marketing the products of the company. The goal is to sell products and if it is developed by a third party shall be deemed an action affiliate marketing ..

Affiliates: They own websites, blogs or belong to large social networking communities who want to monetize their spaces, marketing or advertising revenue generating third-party products (Advertisers). Affiliates generally has defined a niche market and may have a segmented response to the marketing of products. They can be blogs travel or tourism, specialized web sites or Fanpages managers with many followers. Affiliates can be many, which should define them is that they generate highly qualified traffic to the advertiser. Its objective is to generate income marketing the products of the advertiser. 

Platforms Affiliation: Son portals that specialize in service connecting the advertiser and agency members. Have a dual function as contact with the advertiser and establish an agreement, then they will connect with affiliates who pay them for selling or promoting the products of the advertiser. These platforms recruit affiliates are classified by industry, interest, traffic metrics, campaign types, creative formats that offer on their websites, among others. They are responsible for establishing the relationship between the two parties and measured using technologies that have, in this way can make the payment to each of the members who make a sale or get the intended result. It will facilitate the management of all affiliated with the advertiser, providing measurements, payments to affiliates, all claims and ensure that the campaign is effective and measurable. His goal is to earn a sales commission or a fixed payment for work for the advertiser.

Payment models in affiliate marketing
As performance marketing is necessary that the advertiser will make with the platform and affiliates a form of remuneration. There are several models of the acules payment are:

- CPM (cost per thousand impressions): You pay every time there are 1000 impressions, or views on the website. It is aimed at branding goals or brand recognition rather than results or sales.

- CPC (Cost per click): The advertiser pays each time someone clicks on the ad affiliate. It is not an optimal model for affiliate marketing but if you want to generate traffic to the website is the most convenient.

- CPL (Cost per Lead): is paid when the user logs into a form leaving relevant contact information so that the advertiser can then contact the: name, email, phone and contact details.

+ Q (cost per qualified lead): This case pay when a lead or prospect is generated, but also the proposals meets conditions, for example is adult, female, etc.

- CPA (cost per acquisition or sale): The most common model in affiliate marketing, payment is only made when the affiliate generates a sale of the marketed product.

- CPA + Q (Cost per qualified sale): In this model you pay for sale, but is used when it is necessary for the sale is made through a process of verification of the advertiser, that is when you need to validate before documentation to generate the sale.

- CPD (Cost per download): It is a perfect model for marketing mobile applications, you only pay when a download of the application or software that is marketed is performed.

Type of affiliates
There are some types of affiliate marketing are interested in results, are people who have a blog or website segmented, which have certainly created a niche market around this blog and generate qualified traffic for advertisers. We have listed some, however the changes and updates in digital marketing make it possible to develop more day.

1. BLOGS and WEB SITES specific contents: Are all websites that talk about a specific topic, they have created a niche around that topic and are related to a specific target audience interests the advertiser. An example might be a hotel that is the advertiser in a travel and tourism blog belonging to the affiliate. Generally these websites have a minimum monthly traffic, making the offer interesting poster.

2. WEB SITES Comparators: Refers to web sites that compare prices of products of the same category. A clear example can be to who compares prices of different hotels for the user to choose the hotel best price.

3. Cashback portals: portals "cashback" share the profit with the user, which increases the possibility of selling the product. This model provides an incentive to the user to make the purchase on the site. An example of this type may be who gives different users incentives to buyers of products in your portal.

4. Portals Cuponing: This is a model that is growing rapidly, is websites that publish coupons with offers from advertisers. For example Groupon who gives coupons for use of products of advertisers to lower prices. This type generally provides a higher level of traffic and this is interesting for the advertiser pautar with them.

5. Affiliate PPC Search Engines: experts are affiliated in SEM (search engine marketing), dedicated to buy search keywords and deliver qualified traffic to the advertiser. Most times working with Google Adwords to generate sales on search engines. In this case the advertiser decides who can do SEM on their behalf, creating an expert group members, opening the keyword policy for all members wishing to do so or have a closed policy that decides which affiliates can.

6. Affiliates specialists databases: affiliates are owners of large databases that use Email Marketing for promoting products of the advertiser. In these cases must be careful with the origin and legality of obtaining the database. They will use different creative formats for sending mail and promotional products.

Creative formats or types of Communication Channels
The advertiser must decide what kind of creative formats or used in your marketing strategy affiliate channels. This decision will determine the possible creative formats that will be used in the strategy of the advertiser.

- Display ads: They are banners with a wide variety of image formats and video. Often it used in branding strategies, but membership can help supplement content marketing actions.

- SEM: Purchase of keywords in search engines, refers to search engine marketing to help promote the advertiser's products in the search engines. It is generally used when there is a policy of using SEM or affiliated experts who can take direct action.

- Content Marketing: It is common in the affiliate marketing refers to the affiliate generated content on the marketed product and brand, thus increasing qualified traffic to the advertiser.

- Texlink: ads are text format, generally used in social networks or are the links used in content marketing.

- Emailing: It is a format used by affiliates who own databases, these databases are usually created from a "newsletter" or newsletter, which users sign up and allow sending informative emails about a subject specific. It is effective in the performance marketing because it generates many prospects of potential customers.

- Product catalogs: An online catalog which is kept updated and affiliates can market the products that are in real time. Most operate as an API of any advertiser or products are added manually by the affiliate.

Steps to create an affiliate program.

How to succeed in your business Multilevel

More and more new entrepreneurs / as multilevel marketing, a business model that is growing by leaps and bounds precisely with this changing economy.

It is a great opportunity for many people, largely because of the low investment required to begin.

The problem is that many people come to these businesses, with a total ignorance and sometimes with the wrong idea of seeing it as a job, but it has nothing to do. Multilevel besides being a business is a way of life.

That's why I write this article, to serve you as a first step, if you're thinking of getting into a MLM business and do not miss the great opportunity, because of ignorance and anxiety for quick money.

Which at first is not your only means of income

As in all businesses, it is not good to have all your eggs in one basket. But at first, especially when you're not accustomed to uncertainty, try to not be your only means of income.

Not that can not be later, but it is a measure to avoid desperation to make money, so all you get is away from the targets. In addition to after all is not your business, you're just the same partner.

Take it as a network of consumers and a game

The MLM business, is often more than just a business, it is a way of life. Think of it as if you had aimed at a club where I have fun, motivate, learn and most importantly be a consumer of the products or services you sell.

People will see in you the results of the product you use, along with a motivated and happy person, which you will ask. That will be the time to talk about the product or service you are using.

It is the best way to sell, and once the person starts to use the products, you can raise that adds to business, as this will have a discount for its use. The idea is that a network of consumers mountains, and earn residual income.

Choose well multilevel, do not go to the first offer you

The choice of multi-level, is very important, do not go to the first offer you. The most important factor to keep in mind when choosing the MLM company which'll belong, is the product. Choose well what product or service makes you happy, what would want to consume. This is choose the product that you want to use for you, not what you want to sell.

If you are convinced of what you sell, you will sell up unintentionally.

Also note that they have a good training department, especially if you are new to this business of multilevel. There are some who have a great team of motivators and coaches, but there are others that are conspicuous by their absence.

Better to have the support to share ideas of how others have succeeded in the same multi-level you're in, they have succeeded. In case they did not, worry you to seek further training.

Do not be fooled by the fact that the former is better with years and are consolidated.

There are many such businesses, whose claim is just starting and you will be among the first (those who earn a lot of money). Do not kid yourself, the same effort has to start sooner rather than later, you will have to form a team to make money also.

Moreover, if the company does not have much seniority, you are more likely to fall in the early years than one that takes longer on the market and is more established and solid. Of course it's not bad to be a new company, but they do not dazzle that to be the first, because the effort will be the same.

The Multilevel companies most solid today are: Herbalife, Amway, Omnilife and some others that offer the possibility of distributing goods and everyday consumer products that someone close to you will be willing to purchase.

Apply these strategies to choose and start your MLM business and so can get a good start and with the patience to have a successful MLM business.

Key questions for your future agency Seo

Many companies reach this point sooner or later when they decide to position your website in search engines.

You may have practiced so "do it yourself" and found that it is costly and inefficient. Or worse, you have paid a service business optimization that has left you behind.

So here you should always perform the following question to avoid selecting the wrong SEO company.

How do you intend to optimize my website?
This point is crucial when making your selection. It will help you rule out "apprentices". Your future optimization company should be able to perform the following tasks:
  • Keyword research: If someone asks you suggest it keywords for your site, you should know that all true SEO companies in Argentina perform their own analysis.
  • Consulting and plan for your website: your optimization company should expose the necessary modifications made to optimize your website.
    Monthly maintenance: all serious optimization projects must be maintained and improved periodically to ensure visibility of your website.
Spamming: Fraudulent optimization techniques to avoid
Yes they propose to ask how to optimize your website you indicate any of the following techniques you should politely hang up the phone.
  • Hidden text on your web page
  • Repetition of meaningless keywords
  • Invisible pages
  • Pages redirected
  • Site or duplicate pages
The set of these techniques are known as spamming.
Final decision making
Once you have consulted and made all the selection work, it will be time to make decisions.
Plans and prices of different SEO companies are highly variable, listen to your own instincts.
Often talking to different SEO companies will allow you to determine if they know what they are talking and it is possible to do the work you need.

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Charly talking about Social Networking on Public TV

The young social media consultant, was on Channel 7, commenting as one of the first users of Twitter in the country connects more than 15 million Argentines.

Charly Maiz: the story of a successful self-taught on the web

Charly Maiz Argentine entrepreneur
Note that I made the people of Electronic Marketing.
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are your favorite networks, even to the celestial bird admits not having had faith when he was born. In this interview with MKE Digital, we consider the road that led him to be the guru of gurus, but disowns defined as such.

What skills do you have a person to work in digital marketing?
For a person is good at digital marketing has to be someone that you are always updated with technology, creative, witty, self-taught. The courses are always useful, but so right there, because if you stay and not anvanzás, the skills they do not work. It must be a very analytical person, be aware of everything and be flexible to changes. In one day, many metrics can vary greatly.

How was your path to digital marketing?
I have a college degree, but always was a self-taught. I am passionate about Internet, web curious since the time of 56 kbps. I am a restless and curious. I love to research new technologies and tools 2.0
Between 13 and 15 years writing a ezine (online magazine). Then I was having blogs, online radios, the forums I participate in social networks. Using Twitter since 2007. We started being 700 and today there are over 6 million users of that network in Argentina. I thought it was going to be a fad that would not last, but I was wrong.

What social networks do you spend more time?
On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook I am always connected. At three I have the open forever.
Linkedin is very niche, very professional. But Facebook and Twitter, have a fairly wide use. I can do things ranging from informing, exchange private messages with clients / friends, manage campaigns, monitor trends …

What you are passionate about Twitter?
(Almost no delay between the question and the answer) The instantaneity.
I like the immediacy, style, allowing me to inform me, do aggrandizement, share discoveries and links, people follow my interest. It is good to keep people ready: you classify accounts theme, you weaPONS a list of tourism, another famous one with your neighbors. It has many possibilities.

How long did you get almost 30,000 followers? Why do you think that will continue?
I have 7 years, I am since April 2007. Why follow me? You try to tell stories.
Twitter is very individualism. The basis of Twitter is simple: I want to tell stories because I want to share them and let others hear me; or I want to hear what others want to tell and share. Twitter is speaking and listening. Follow other people to hear what they say is simple. Others will continue to listen to what you say is another story.
The hard part is the beginning, add the first followers. When encontras, people are too addicted and ends tweeting more than one, carrying his years

Phrase people are saying: Perseguime on Twitter (Lady 50 years in Plaza San Martín, Córdoba). What do you think of segment 50 people using social networks? Do you think they are an important target of marketing 2.0?
Big people do not want to stay outside. Want to stay connected with their children who live far away, understand their grandchildren who use those rare phones.
It is a target that often is not taken into account, but no market for everyone. My uncle is 73 years old and my cousin asked, You got instagram?” I did download it on your phone! He uses soft free, and your phone is more expensive than mine.

What was your greatest professional achievement?
More than success stories, I have cases of failures. Emphasize the audacity to overcome my own fears, and never lower brazos.Hay paddling everyday. There is much loose guru, and I will not define me as such; even though the alleged gurus, consult things to me (laughs).

A case of failure you learn?
Once we did with some friends a system that generated playlists of music via Twitter. It did not work because of internal problems in the team and some time. The application never came out of beta, but I learned a lot from canvas and business models, and contacts with incubators.

A case of success?
I am very secretive about my clients, but I have some. But, what comes to my mind is whether googleás,” Seo in ArgentinaI go on the first page, with a new domain. SEO Whosoever wants to be on the front page with that keyword.

About your work as influencer: Did you live as something natural? What do you do with a bit of shame?
You care enough what you post on networks. You know if you attack someone, some will support you and know who you‘re going to have problems. Shame? Shame is stealing. More shame gives me being on a disk and tell me “I follow you on Twitter.”
How do you see yourself five years from now?
Five years is a long time, but one never loses hope of bringing major projects. I hope to continue working to continue my professional and personal development, experience a time out, a company formed. Nothing previous plan, you’re not building.

5 tips for people who want to start their online business part time

A large portion of people who have online businesses today, began his "adventure" part time: a week after work, sacrificing free time ...

In fact, I include myself in that majority. I also started part time.

But before we continue, I just want to point out that having a part-time business is not the same as having a part time job.

A job that trade their time for money, and the more time passes the more money you earn in return.

In a business (online or not) you will win according to their results.

So if you are thinking about starting your online business, it is very important that mentalizar and focus their efforts to achieve results.

His remaining time is always scarce and so can not afford to waste time on things that do not bring results.

5 tips for people who want to start their online business part time

1. Choose a business that does not require much time to get results

As I said, in a business that matters it is results.

Given that your part-time business will start, you will not have much time.

So you should choose a type of business that you can get good results only working 2-3 hours a day (maximum).

2. Have a quiet space to work

It dedicated to the work required.

If you do not have an office - the simplest solution is to turn one of the partitions in your home office.

If you are single / a, then you start getting even from your room.

You just need a computer and internet connection.

If you are married / ae children, then it is best to convert a partition in your home office.

So when you decide you will devote time to your business, you can retire to your office and focus your attention and concentration to do what needs to be done.

3. Have a mentor

Choose a type of business that allows you to access a mentor.

A business that is based on network marketing or multilevel marketing is a good solution, as long as you choose a good company and the leader of the right.

As I always argue: "In network marketing, the interest of his mentor for you to succeed."
"In network marketing, the interest of his mentor for you to succeed."
Its success is your success, so that their leader will help you and answer all your questions.

4. Anything to do

I remind you that you should focus on results.

And the results arise when tasks must be performed are actually executed, completed!

In training or webinars you will learn step by step to build your business.

Your mentor will also guide and explain the tasks to be performed on each occasion.

Then close the door of your office, make scheduled tasks, and then spend quality time with your family.

That way you will maintain the balance of family and succeed!

5. Create habits and advance step by step

Aristotle said:

. "You are what you repeatedly do Excellence is not an event - it is a habit," and to reach this conclusion was based on his life experience and knowledge ..

Follow this maxim of Aristotle, and create work habits. Repeat them! Day after day, week after week, month after month ...

The critical phase of any business is the initial phase.

You dont have anything. It starts from zero.

Then you have to start with the realization of the first tasks and spend the first steps.

That's how I started and is the same for everyone.

No doubt there will be obstacles.

Seek help from your mentor and not even think about quitting.

To succeed in your online business, there are some tasks to do: create content, ads, generate traffic, answering emails, helping others, etc.

Create your habits. Analyze what brings results. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

You are what you do repeatedly in several ...

What is Social Media Marketing?

The Social Media Marketing is one of the tools of online marketing, specifically Search Engine Marketing, which is used to promote a website or blog. In Spanish usually called Social Media Marketing, ie, use social networks and participate in achieving promote a website of a company, a product, a service, a blog, etc.

The use of advertising on social networks has led to the creation of new terms to optimize the presence of a brand in these social spaces.
Today it is the center of attention throughout the Internet, it is an event of global dimensions, your goal is to reach the customer through their favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

This new type of marketing is based on continuous communication between Company-Customer, unlike traditional marketing where only a portion generates the message to the customer. Social media marketing is not a quick and easy way to run a business, is a building long-term relationships because later could result in a business closure or potential customers. The purpose of this tool is to be presented in many places, creating networks and personal connections with customers through their social networks. It is used for the following purposes:

Create knowledge of something online.
Create a group of followers.
Have extensive communication with customers or prospects.

Why use social networking as a tool for Online Marketing?
Use or participate in social networks (social media networks) allows us to meet objectives of Online Marketing and Search Engine Marketing specifically. The most important objectives of Online Marketing that can be achieved using social networks are:

Branding and brand dissemination on the web.
Reputation Management.
Increase traffic to the site visits the company.
Get external links.
Improve the natural positioning (SEO) calls on the SERPs (search engine result pages)

Other important reasons to use Social Media Marketing:
You will reach a large audience at a very low cost (higher ROI) compared to other media.
the results can be measured effectively.

6 Tips for records by membership

Affiliate marketing is very recommended, among other situations, when a company seeks to achieve user records. This company can create an affiliate program or create material for insertion into an affiliate network, with the objective of getting other people will get more registered users. In this post I explain what you should keep in mind so you can do

6 tips for records through affiliate marketing
  1. Be clear that you will have to provide incentives, which will involve a cost to you. This cost can be economical -Give money, just- or related to your business (eg Dropbox gives you more space on your system if you get new records). In my opinion, this second option is more advisable, since the affiliate links directly to the activity of your company. In this line, my recommendation is that you set different commission levels that will involve different levels of involvement in getting you records by the affiliate.
  2. It establishes what it costs you to date a record getting economically and calculates how much you are willing to give in exchange for each record. This way you can estimate the cost will affiliate program for you in terms of incentives for affiliates.
  3. Create a landing page specific to your affiliate program in which communicate why a person should "bother" to get you records for you. adecuamente communicate the incentives are going to give in exchange for this task will be essential in this landing page.
  4. If you have subscribers to your newsletter, send one communication encouraging them to register and to participate in your affiliate program, aiming to bring you new records. Obviously, you must specify why it might interest them to do so.
  5. It Includes Google Plus +1 button and the "Like" Facebook, plus the ability to share via email, on the landing page of your affiliate program. You can even ask yourself include incentives for your affiliate program to be shared on social networks and via email.
  6. Generally speaking, you have two options: either create your own affiliate program, something you need some technical development as a management platform affiliates, or use affiliate networks to put there your campaigns and get interesting means you (blogs, etc.) join them as affiliates. In this regard, I advise you Plantées create an affiliate program itself and, as I have not and even in parallel-use affiliate networks.
And you, have you had any experience in affiliate marketing for records? Share it ... !

What is affiliate marketing and how it works?

Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing that is based on the achievement of results. Businesses or websites, called affiliates, are responsible for publicizing merchants (shops or advertisers) by posting their ads or promotions.

These affiliates get a commission when the user enters your website and performs some action (click on a banner, sign or buy). This type of marketing differs especially in the cost perceived by the company. The Cost Per Action (CPA) allows the advertiser to pay only for each of the users who determined not by action campaign.

And how it works?
It is simple, first of all we must join an affiliation platform. This platform is the intermediary between brand / product / service that advertises and website administrator. Therefore the platform offers customers the list of affiliated sites and from the general thematic contents, these they choose to publish their ads. In turn, the broker who offers both advertised as the site administrator, tracking service or tracking, which allows you to view the activity site generated from the banner or advertising application that stayed. Finally, we paid an agreed fee prior to the publication of advertising. Income generating activities are usually classified into: generated visits, buying products, booking, forms used and high in Newsletter, among others.

To close the circuit this business model, the affiliation platform charges a fee for their service.
This type of strategic marketing was not taken into account for many years, because the actions of online advertising focused on the websites of high traffic or those official sites of mass media such as newspapers, radio stations or channels TV. Over the years, in the departments of maketing companies they began to make out that publication in affiliation platforms generated greater results with lower investments.

10 Things the rich make different and are successful

Access the list of the 10 things that make it different to succeed rich. To waste time on useless things!

"I want to be rich" it is a phrase of 4 words what many people say, but few do what is necessary to achieve that goal. Today, most people you know or you can see wants to become a millionaire. Who millionaires get fast, before it's too late. As the saying goes, "is easier said than done." If many people want to become millionaires, why could not become millionaires? It is easy!

The world can be divided into two. The world's population, approximately 99% earn the money needed to live with dignity and have a happy life. 1% are part of the list of the very rich. These 1% are almost all with dreams, good cars, several mansions, all the good and the best. But beware, not become rich from day to night. They worked hard and dedicated work of his life. Of course it was necessary to have the necessary experience to do things differently, so here are some shared by several lucky enough to make this list of tips:
  1. The rich create value - Watch several millionaires like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, among others. All these millionaires created their own companies and conquered the world with their products and services worldwide. value system that works for them and is a moneymaker was established.
  2. Solutions instead of problems - In this world everyone has problems. The rich are simply different, seeking solutions to problems. Unlike "normal" people who waste their time watching TV or on Facebook all day, the rich know what is wrong and do everything to find the perfect solution.
  3. Leave your ego aside - After winning some money, many people get a big ego and think they know everything. On the contrary, the rich have the habit of always being updated with new ideas and new information, to become even richer. The rich do what most people want to do, they invest everything they have and learn. They have their own attitudes.
  4. Positive Thinking - The rich always think positive and keep an open, two factors that help make things differently mind. Never close to new opportunities. Who knows, 100 opportunities, there may be an opportunity that can help them create a fortune. Tell the person sitting next to you, there is no alternative to earn enough money beyond their work and see your negative reaction forms.
  5. The rich know the secret - Some read the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne? He says that everything you do starts in the mind. Use broad this advice to make even more money. They follow and practice the art of being positive and look like that is rich in his own thoughts and attitudes, before becoming a reality.
  6. Financial Education - The rich have invested several years of hard work and dedication, increasing your financial education to know how to better manage their own money and not having financial problems. That is why we are different from other people. Schools teach everything, but do not teach us to make money. Never talk about how to manage money and how to grow savings.
  7. Ready to take risks - The rich are very successful and this is due largely to the risk you are willing to take. Find a standard for your worker. He spends 8-9 hours in the office, working on a fixed salary. Of course you want to get rich, but he knows that the monthly wage will not cause I'm rich because money earned will go to monthly expenses. So why not do more? Peel the salary of this equation, and feels insecure. The rich do not make this mistake of being caught in this trap.
  8. Assets Vs Liabilities - The rich use money carefully. They are constantly looking for ways to invest their money in stocks, shares in companies, real estate and other investments. They know what is the difference between assets and liabilities. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket. Meanwhile, a liability is something that takes money from your pocket.
  9. Head of his life - The rich do not believe in going to have a job and work for someone else. Sure, he started working for a company or boss, but never had the aim of continuing in the same place forever. The rich are their own bosses, and work to create your own life. Go to work, working 8-9 hours a day for a fixed salary at the end of the month, make their bosses rich and even richer owners. Instead, the rich do everything to become leaders and business owners
  10. Think Big - The rich simply do not dream about making money and become a millionaire in a corner. It is good to dream big, no doubt, but taking appropriate steps to ensure that the dream is reality measures. They work hard and are committed to achieving all the goals they have set. They are always looking for new ways to generate more money.
Now that you know what the rich do differently to be what they are and continue to be successful. Study hard, get good grades, get into a good college and get a good job to have financial comfort is on the agenda of many people, unfortunately. Sorry, but the rich do not follow these steps. Instead, they do things differently!

Five financial mistakes that we all make

In the current situation where a large part of the world population lives in deep personal economic crisis, we decided to analyze the most frequent "financial mistakes" and give recommendations on how to avoid them.

Credit card use daily

Using credit cards to buy necessities is the most serious mistake we can make. But there is an even worse mistake, and not return in time what one has paid with the card. Many of the products designed by banks and credit organizations are designed to take advantage of the mistakes their clients, explains the portal. At the end we will have to enter a lot more than the initial sum: precisely thus lending organizations receive most of their interest.


If you have to pay a high interest on a loan, it is better not to try to save while the loan is not closed. They are simple mathematics, argues the portal: in very few cases the interest you receive on your savings deposit brings more money to be paid as interest on a loan.


When buying a car, it is best to decide in advance what we will use. Thus we see what services we need and what not. Many prefer to buy new cars, appealing to potential risks of buying a used car.

However, a new car loses value just outside the dealership, stands the portal, however, emphasizes the possibility of paying an expert to assist us when purchasing a used car to ensure a good buy.

Emergency expenses

Many people, especially young people, are optimistic and prefer not to think about the possibility that unforeseen situations arise. But insists that we should create a personal emergency fund. Although in the end fortunately nothing wrong happens to us, this is a good way to save, argues the site, indicating that the minimum period of saving for such a fund is eight months in a row

Extra expenses

Many are not happy with their financial situation, but still not always have a complete picture of where your money goes each month. As a first step, it is recommended that each family member record your daily (or monthly) expenses. Then comes the time to analyze and report their 'cuts' to the family.

All those who feel limited by their financial resources should consider reducing their non-compulsory expenditure. For example, forgetting to take coffee in cafes or restaurants to eat in instead, bring homemade food to work, recommends the portal. With just a couple of months applying these one will notice savings measures and their impact on personal finances.