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6 Tips for records by membership

Affiliate marketing is very recommended, among other situations, when a company seeks to achieve user records. This company can create an affiliate program or create material for insertion into an affiliate network, with the objective of getting other people will get more registered users. In this post I explain what you should keep in mind so you can do

6 tips for records through affiliate marketing
  1. Be clear that you will have to provide incentives, which will involve a cost to you. This cost can be economical -Give money, just- or related to your business (eg Dropbox gives you more space on your system if you get new records). In my opinion, this second option is more advisable, since the affiliate links directly to the activity of your company. In this line, my recommendation is that you set different commission levels that will involve different levels of involvement in getting you records by the affiliate.
  2. It establishes what it costs you to date a record getting economically and calculates how much you are willing to give in exchange for each record. This way you can estimate the cost will affiliate program for you in terms of incentives for affiliates.
  3. Create a landing page specific to your affiliate program in which communicate why a person should "bother" to get you records for you. adecuamente communicate the incentives are going to give in exchange for this task will be essential in this landing page.
  4. If you have subscribers to your newsletter, send one communication encouraging them to register and to participate in your affiliate program, aiming to bring you new records. Obviously, you must specify why it might interest them to do so.
  5. It Includes Google Plus +1 button and the "Like" Facebook, plus the ability to share via email, on the landing page of your affiliate program. You can even ask yourself include incentives for your affiliate program to be shared on social networks and via email.
  6. Generally speaking, you have two options: either create your own affiliate program, something you need some technical development as a management platform affiliates, or use affiliate networks to put there your campaigns and get interesting means you (blogs, etc.) join them as affiliates. In this regard, I advise you Plantées create an affiliate program itself and, as I have not and even in parallel-use affiliate networks.
And you, have you had any experience in affiliate marketing for records? Share it ... !

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