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10 mobile app to meet couple

Spring is approaching and love blossoms in the streets, and we are single!

Times change, and the use of technology is not frowned upon to meet someone.

Single women, gays, madurito, lesbian, married, bisexual, geeks .... All have a mobile application to find a stable partner or just someone to hang out.

What is the reason for your success? They are several. With Tinder you save the whole process of having to register and fill out long forms with your interests, something had to be done in the traditional dating sites. You simply identify on Facebook and the application is responsible for creating your profile with your basic information (name, age, photos of your choice and your "like"). One click and ready.

Immediacy, another key. In a society where every time we are busier in your hand you have hundreds of candidates to win your heart. What do not you like or do not fit? Following. Do not you convinced? Following. You are looking for something different? Following. What perhaps it might be? Das approval and begin a brief chat via instant message. What do not you like what you see? Ignore it and go to the next candidate.

In addition, another advantage Tinder main features of mobile phones: GPS positioning. The app ecoge your tastes and compares them with other profiles geographically close to you, giving you a complete list of "compatible" users. You can specify the distance and other parameters that may interest you, such as age. The process is quick, simple and personalized.

They born in 2007 simply as a social network geolocation, but competition with other similar services like Foursquare led them to refocus on something different: blind dates.

Skout does not identify the precise location of a user, and users can choose to unsubscribe from the tracking features location of app.GPS is enabled only in the adult community. While people search, users can see the profile and recent activities of others find interesting.

The application also allows users to instant messaging or send virtual gifts to each other. The company separates into communities of adults and adolescents. Skout is available in 180 countries and 14 languages

The renowned social network with 200 million users worldwide, has its mobile app.
Its success has been such dimensions that has apps for all existing mobile operating systems (iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone).

And, as we said at the beginning, there are also specific tools based on the sexual orientation of users.

If you're young and you like boys, also you got your choice.

The best known among the gay community is Grindr, present in about 200 countries and with versions for iPhone, and BlackBerry.

It is a very similar to the previous tool, although in this case for lesbians.
It can be downloaded from the Apple Store for free (for devices there is a very similar application, both the name and content, called FindHer).

Hot or Not
It allows you to find the funniest people around you and make you know.
All you need to do is - sign up with Facebook, Upload your best photos and start!
It will show your popularity and your friends, as well as the most interesting people near you.

Have you ever crossed the look with someone and then you regret not having presented? Do not worry, happn is here to help.
The new French dating app keeps track of all the people you come across during the day, so you can review the log and contact them.
It only works if both have the application. The potential partner can not talk unless both indicate they are interested. A user can try and send a "proposal" to get someone's attention; women do it at no cost and men must pay a small fee

It is a dating website. It has an application on Facebook. More than 40 million individuals in 40 countries use Zoosk.
It is available in 13 languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)

Ok Cupid
Covered by the 2007 "Top 10" dating websites Time magazine. After answering a series of multiple choice questions, OkCupid applies the data generated by user activity on the site, as well as their answers to questions.

The site notifies a user if someone qualifies 4 or 5 stars.

Have you ever wondered who he likes in your area? This application will change your way to meet people.
just you meet interesting people near you. This way you will connect with people who can really know.
Its use is practically equals the Tinder

Decime Do you use any? Will would test? Did he give you results? Tell me ;) 

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