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Charly Maiz: the story of a successful self-taught on the web

Charly Maiz Argentine entrepreneur
Note that I made the people of Electronic Marketing.
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are your favorite networks, even to the celestial bird admits not having had faith when he was born. In this interview with MKE Digital, we consider the road that led him to be the guru of gurus, but disowns defined as such.

What skills do you have a person to work in digital marketing?
For a person is good at digital marketing has to be someone that you are always updated with technology, creative, witty, self-taught. The courses are always useful, but so right there, because if you stay and not anvanzás, the skills they do not work. It must be a very analytical person, be aware of everything and be flexible to changes. In one day, many metrics can vary greatly.

How was your path to digital marketing?
I have a college degree, but always was a self-taught. I am passionate about Internet, web curious since the time of 56 kbps. I am a restless and curious. I love to research new technologies and tools 2.0
Between 13 and 15 years writing a ezine (online magazine). Then I was having blogs, online radios, the forums I participate in social networks. Using Twitter since 2007. We started being 700 and today there are over 6 million users of that network in Argentina. I thought it was going to be a fad that would not last, but I was wrong.

What social networks do you spend more time?
On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook I am always connected. At three I have the open forever.
Linkedin is very niche, very professional. But Facebook and Twitter, have a fairly wide use. I can do things ranging from informing, exchange private messages with clients / friends, manage campaigns, monitor trends …

What you are passionate about Twitter?
(Almost no delay between the question and the answer) The instantaneity.
I like the immediacy, style, allowing me to inform me, do aggrandizement, share discoveries and links, people follow my interest. It is good to keep people ready: you classify accounts theme, you weaPONS a list of tourism, another famous one with your neighbors. It has many possibilities.

How long did you get almost 30,000 followers? Why do you think that will continue?
I have 7 years, I am since April 2007. Why follow me? You try to tell stories.
Twitter is very individualism. The basis of Twitter is simple: I want to tell stories because I want to share them and let others hear me; or I want to hear what others want to tell and share. Twitter is speaking and listening. Follow other people to hear what they say is simple. Others will continue to listen to what you say is another story.
The hard part is the beginning, add the first followers. When encontras, people are too addicted and ends tweeting more than one, carrying his years

Phrase people are saying: Perseguime on Twitter (Lady 50 years in Plaza San Martín, Córdoba). What do you think of segment 50 people using social networks? Do you think they are an important target of marketing 2.0?
Big people do not want to stay outside. Want to stay connected with their children who live far away, understand their grandchildren who use those rare phones.
It is a target that often is not taken into account, but no market for everyone. My uncle is 73 years old and my cousin asked, You got instagram?” I did download it on your phone! He uses soft free, and your phone is more expensive than mine.

What was your greatest professional achievement?
More than success stories, I have cases of failures. Emphasize the audacity to overcome my own fears, and never lower brazos.Hay paddling everyday. There is much loose guru, and I will not define me as such; even though the alleged gurus, consult things to me (laughs).

A case of failure you learn?
Once we did with some friends a system that generated playlists of music via Twitter. It did not work because of internal problems in the team and some time. The application never came out of beta, but I learned a lot from canvas and business models, and contacts with incubators.

A case of success?
I am very secretive about my clients, but I have some. But, what comes to my mind is whether googleás,” Seo in ArgentinaI go on the first page, with a new domain. SEO Whosoever wants to be on the front page with that keyword.

About your work as influencer: Did you live as something natural? What do you do with a bit of shame?
You care enough what you post on networks. You know if you attack someone, some will support you and know who you‘re going to have problems. Shame? Shame is stealing. More shame gives me being on a disk and tell me “I follow you on Twitter.”
How do you see yourself five years from now?
Five years is a long time, but one never loses hope of bringing major projects. I hope to continue working to continue my professional and personal development, experience a time out, a company formed. Nothing previous plan, you’re not building.

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