lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Farce account on Twitter World Scam

It is surprisingly easier than you think to add followers, set a topic of conversation in the mass of people, and make believe to the public and to various media who believed in these accounts.

Create an account, make all possible forecasts, delete the wrong. Result: @EstafaMundial @fifndhs

The following series of tweets after Germany's victory in the final of the World Cup, are giving to speak, made by an alleged former employee of the FIFA making it become as corrupt and saying the world tournament is arranged.
When we do a cursory glance it seems legitimate and compelling, especially after an exciting game.

The problem? It's all false!

That may be hard to believe. After all, the tweets are a brand over time and can not travel back in time to tweet something in the past, nor no way to edit the tweets, or modify any of your publications date, then as they did? Good! there is a simple trick you can do credible ;)

Create a protected account
. This part is simple. Sign up for a new Twitter account, and put lock on it, so people can not read your tweets.

Make a tweet for every possible outcome imaginable. A user sits behind your protected account and make tweets for each possible outcome. Germany Campeon, Campeon Argentina, Brazil ... Brazil the 4th Campeon etc. Perhaps one Germany will win 1-0. No matter you are flooding your timeline, no one will see.

Wait until the result is known and delete your erroneous tweets. Now it comes to cleaning your job to make some incriminating tweets. In this case it was easy: Germany will win in overtime, they will win 1-0, Goetze mark. Get rid of "Messi will mark" and "Argentina will win" and the rest of their bad tweets and are ready to execute your plan.

Make public the account. Suddenly these carefully crafted comments seem credible "Wow! ... How did they know ?! FIFA must be corrupt!" No, it's just one person with a personal Do Sumar followers? Press? We do not know! and with a little free time, achievement.

Being a current topic, a witty and controversial method, it viraliza quickly, we see @fifndhs is close to 50 thousand followers in just 24 hours, after you change the name to it, you deleted the tweets and used for another activity to the account or sell.

A very useful advice in life, I think many people know, but many others do not: NEVER believe everything you see online.

See you soon
Charly Maíz

Thanks to Topsy we can see the tweets deleted in the cache account CLICK HERE

It has, I forget someone also took a screenshot of the account named

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