miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Key questions for your future agency Seo

Many companies reach this point sooner or later when they decide to position your website in search engines.

You may have practiced so "do it yourself" and found that it is costly and inefficient. Or worse, you have paid a service business optimization that has left you behind.

So here you should always perform the following question to avoid selecting the wrong SEO company.

How do you intend to optimize my website?
This point is crucial when making your selection. It will help you rule out "apprentices". Your future optimization company should be able to perform the following tasks:
  • Keyword research: If someone asks you suggest it keywords for your site, you should know that all true SEO companies in Argentina perform their own analysis.
  • Consulting and plan for your website: your optimization company should expose the necessary modifications made to optimize your website.
    Monthly maintenance: all serious optimization projects must be maintained and improved periodically to ensure visibility of your website.
Spamming: Fraudulent optimization techniques to avoid
Yes they propose to ask how to optimize your website you indicate any of the following techniques you should politely hang up the phone.
  • Hidden text on your web page
  • Repetition of meaningless keywords
  • Invisible pages
  • Pages redirected
  • Site or duplicate pages
The set of these techniques are known as spamming.
Final decision making
Once you have consulted and made all the selection work, it will be time to make decisions.
Plans and prices of different SEO companies are highly variable, listen to your own instincts.
Often talking to different SEO companies will allow you to determine if they know what they are talking and it is possible to do the work you need.

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