viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

How to make money with a forum

Well many people start a forum as a simple fun and a way to share with friends, but over time the forum can get to become very popular, and that can create some problems, you may need a larger server or maybe you decide to have your own domain, any case is quite possible that what started as a hobby is not so easy to maintain, but do not worry I assure you no way to achieve get a lot of money with that old or new project.

How to make money with a forum?

Then I will give a series of steps that I think are the best ways to earn income with a forum.

1) Choose the platform: If your forum is new is important to start with the right foot and for me is to choose a platform that allowed you to grow personally think that there are only 3 platforms you should use, Xen Forum, IPB and Vbulletin, although 2 are paid are large platforms that allow you to grow and get very good users, plus all has great support, a good number of updates and of course a great community, unlike the free versions usually have big problems security and updated once or twice each year.

2) Choose the domain, to really make money with this system you need to have your own domain, finding the ideal can be tricky but a good way to do it is to find one related to the theme of your forum. I recommend Namecheap to buy mostly because they have very good prices and services.

3) Choose a server according to your expectations, if you have few users with a share server as Hostgator may be sufficient but if you expect to earn thousands of dollars a month maybe you should think about a dedicated server or at least one VPS.

4) The advertising system to use, without a doubt should use Adsense, just because it is not the system that pays if you have a lot of sponsors so you always find some related to the theme of your forum.

5) place where you place the ad is shown that just two ad units, one in the header (below the navigation bar) and the other integrated content are the best places, however there are many points heat where you can try and see what results you get.

6) To whom you must show you advertising: The best segment are those who come from search engines, Forums vbulletin allow you to make that differentiation with a simple code, so it will not be very difficult to achieve, but if you can not do , deals with users who are not registered, I have tried many forums and I'm sure that everyone has a code to differentiate ultimately users who are part of the community will suffer from a phenomenon called selective blindness, this means that as visited both the community and know where they are ads and simply ignore, is something like if you do not see, if you heard someone complaining about a bad CTR on forums is because they show their advertising to all people and as many they ignore it, gradually falls CTR and begin to earn less.

7) Original Content: This is a critical part for a successful forum, if you dedicate yourself to copy the contents of other people simply do not achieve anything and end up wasting your time and money, your forum should be special should address a topic that no one else so you can try to win many users and do not have to compete with other forums.

8) Optimization and Testing: No one can say that it has been successful if you have not made one or two mistakes and learned with them, and here is no different, is to try and see what works for you gradually find the way and you have better earnings.

Undoubtedly Adsense is the most important part of this system, know how to use and optimize it make a big difference, which is why I recommend that you download this ebook not only help you earn more, but it will give many Tips to make your forum and other Internet project succeed.

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