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Martin Insaurralde buy followers on Twitter?

One of the things that disparage anyone on Twitter is to be made public that a high percentage of their followers or followers is false. It's a bad strategy whose sole purpose is to appear to be popular and no other effect than criticism, especially if it's a politician, artist or
popular character.

Today is Wednesday July 16, 2014, and all the images published, are today.

Now if we see their social networks

It is among the five politicians with more facebook fans of Argentina, as we can see in the image below.
Facts SocialBakers Facebook

But on twitter, their numbers did not help and was passed up by 4 times compared
of those who were the top 5 ...

Facts SocialBakers Twitter

But Charly you say? If the political the 6th most followed on twitter of Argentina, according to says that up, keep reading me that give me reason!

What is this, it was July 9 Argentina match, I moniroteando trends in twitter and I find this, I said weird that nobody commented on before, after 7 hectic days, and said, well to publish it myself.

For those who know of whom I speak, or I read from the outside I tell him that is an Argentine politician, former mayor (mayor) of the city of Lomas de Zamora, and current deputy since headed the electoral alliance Front for Victory (party Mrs. president Cristina) in the province of Buenos Aires in the elections of 2013

Best continued with mine, this being a blog about technology, not politics ...

Simulation, conversation digital equipment or press

What we do we do? Competition, has 4 times more followers!
We buy followers, so people are with the world and it will not notice!

Today everything is press, branding, personal image ...

The network is a world apart, and that the matter of who wants to have longer: more fans, likes, rts, share, viewers, google appearances, visits on his personal website, to be first in everything.

And if to keep her longer than the competition must buy, buy it.

Recall, one thing is to have 40,000 followers and go adding 100 per day, 3,000 per month, a figure that with a good strategy can be achieved, to a person with 40,000 passes have 120,000 to make ends meet ...
It will be very obvious and with few exceptions, as much exposure in the media, with the theme of the day, several days, if not very obvious they are purchased.

As we can see in the chart below, the exponential growth of 100,000 to 330,000 followers in a month Facts TwitterCounter

Mmmm happened? ok ok, it is a public figure;

But in the month of the world, for the only ones that we can explain so growth, exponential are for soccer players.

See see that FakeFollowers of SocialBakers tells us
43% or vacuum Suspects
27% inactive
30% Good
Disaster that only 3 out of 10 fans is real!
Let's see let's see else, to see if it gives us better results. Let's try Status People
68% Falsos
23% Dormant
9% Good

No comment...
No they will buy followers on social networks, are not so obvious ... because in the end everything is known.

And Gaby Castellanos told La Red Innova, Penises are like twitter accounts; no matter the size, matter how the negotiations.

Charly Maiz
On Twitter since 2007, before the missionaries arrived and we were only about 700 users in the country.

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