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Investing in Forex, Tips for choosing the best broker

Investing in Forex, learn to choose a broker

How to choose a broker to invest in the forex market?

The Broker or Broker is the financial institution in which we will deposit our funds to open an account and invest in Forex.

A number of factors must be taken into account to make the right decision as there are many brokers in the market and each offers a range of variables that must be taken into account.

Here we describe the main variables that should be taken into account when choosing a broker to invest in the forex market.
  1. The capital held by the Broker: It is important to know the capital available to the Broker as when we make gains we must be sure that the Broker has sufficient funds to pay us. Brokers generally do not disclose this information, but you can find the list of employees working for the broker, how great the organization, how many customers operate with him, and several other factors can come to our knowledge.
  2. Market and products offered: We need to know which markets we operate, and we want to invest in that product. There Brokers offering forex, commodities, futures, among other financial instruments.
  3. Fees:There are brokers that do not charge commissions and its profit comes only from exchange rate spread or differential (difference between the purchase price and sale of an asset).
    If we choose a broker that charges fees if we have to consider what those committees are; may be fees for the purchase, fees for withdrawals, account maintenance fees.
  4. Spread: The spread as we said before, is the difference between the purchase price and sale. Investors always prefer a small spread to pay less to the Broker. Spreads can be fixed or variable. If the spreads are fixed, this means that in times of increased volatility always be fixed. If the spreads are variable, then in times of less volatility the spread is smaller but in times of increased volatility, the spread will be higher.
  5. Services: Brokers usually provide a range of services that can be helpful for traders. technical, fundamental, recommendations, news analysis and graphics are usually the key. Beginners investors have to take into account this service as managers of the Spanish customers can assist in all these issues.
  6. Customer service:We need to check for people who speak Spanish in the Broker we choose and we can help with any problem or question. There Brokers also enable communication through chats, phone support, email, and all this for 24 hours. In addition of course those attending should we have knowledge in financial markets.
  7. Execution: One of the most important to consider when choosing a Broker variables is the speed of execution. It is best that the execution is automatic, so when we want to enter or exit the market at a certain price, usually the Broker respects.

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