viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

How to make money with my photographs of Instagram?

Instagram has become the quintessential application to take pictures with the iPhone share them on the network; through his fame, other multiple services have emerged that not only allow us to sell our images in digital format, but also print them and get money from them in physical form.


Instacanvas transforms your favorite digital images of Instagram in precious canvases come home ready to be hung. Upon entering the site, you can select 'Create gallery and sell my photographs to the public' or 'Buy a fotografía'.Existen 12''x12 boxes'' from $ 39,99 and other 20''x20 '' by $ 79.95. Post your pictures and try it completely free; however, a sale can take just 20%.


Sell your photos of Instagram is simple with Stockphotopants are you responsible for placing the price of your images and also can earn 100% total of what you get with the sale. However, offering your photos on the site is not free: you must provide an annual amount of $ 39.


Instaprints offers the same service as Instacanvas but with a striking variety; forget the paintings of pre-established steps and choose what to do with your picture (measures, greeting cards ...). In Instaprint you can choose which want to win and monetary amount, based on the money they choose, they will place the price of your piece .

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