lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

5 SEO Tips to position your hotel on Google

If there is a sector that has seen its sales on the internet is the tourism sector. It is one of the areas of purchase, along with technology, which tops the list of Internet sales and one of the sectors where users feel more comfortable when purchasing online.

It is for that reason that the tourism sector and in particular, the hotel sector should make a special emphasis on online marketing and search engine optimization. However, it is the same reason which makes the hotel sector is one of the most complex areas of search engine positioning.
There is much competition and very strong. The hotel pages not only compete, but also do it with vertical portals online hotel booking. It is therefore very important to be clear about the SEO approach from the beginning.

Google My Business. El Seo is fine, but the reality is the RealD and Google Places, Google My Business currently occupies the top geographic location when a search is done. This means that references Google My Business if we "Hotels Merlo" among the first results appear. Therefore, one of the first things we must do is give us high on Google My Business and optimize the card to the max.

Size matters a lot. A simple website with about 10 or 15 pages has nothing to deal with the giants that inhabit the Internet. So we should try to be big and grow and grow. If you are a hotel chain includes all your hotels in one website. If you are a small hotel, insert a blog on your website and updated as you can. No need to write only about the hotel, you can write about your environment, tourism, concerts, parties, beaches, etc.

Use the tail Long. The most competitive keywords your cost sweat and tears. I do not say do not go for them. If you work well and hard, sure I get it, but it will cost time and dedication. It is best to work long tail keywords with more than 3 keywords which specify the user's search. You probably do not have as many searches as generic, but if you take high quality visits, users interested in your destination and characteristics, and they are easier to position the short to medium term.

Optimizes the web. Optimizes your entire web from the first page to the last. Optimizes Titles, descriptions, URLs, links, menus, images, texts and title tags. Optimizes a natural way and not turn your web page into a strident SPAM, but well optimized. Use the key word as to the possible left in Titles, descriptios and title tags.

It includes multimedia content. Important show rooms and the environment. People would like to see where and how to go to sleep or spend your vacation. Often the choice between a hotel or other we are going to take over his eyes. In addition, users will spend more time on our website and it benefits our SEO.

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