lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

How to get free quality links?

As you know in the link building is an essential part of the web positioning and a factor that will make our website improve search engine rankings (or worse if we do wrong).

Get free, quality links is a tedious task and often does not usually give the expected results.

I'll give you some ideas to get some free links and quality.

Method 1:
Google Plus: like everyone else, I imagine that you fight for the first appear in Google, because Google has a virtual monopoly on internet searches in our country. Well we use your social network, Google +. In the "about me" accepts etiquitas html and links are dofollow, which can put a link. I recommend not put more than 2. In addition to paragraph "on my" we have a space to put the links.

Method 2:
Contact a blogger in the sector and propose a short interview to post on your website or on your blog. Surely the blogger in question will end up putting a link to the page with the interview.

Method 3:
If you use any content manager like joomla, wordpress or any other. You're probably using a template. The creators of the staff will be happy to receive a testimony where you vanes creation step and have a link to your page. Usually these pages usually have a high PageRank.

Method 4:
We can use the method 3 and extrapolate it to our hosting provider, some servers this service also have a space for testimonials (and eventually publishing it whenever you speak well ....).

Method 5:
If you have a news section or blog where you publish articles, you can propose to other webmaster of ceding a space on your site to publish your article sector and in return send your articles with a couple of contextual links.

The directories were until recently an inexhaustible source to get free links. Today must be very clear that we directory links and be very sure that these links are not going to end penalizándonos. Remember that updates from Google Panda and Penguin worth more quality than quantity.

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