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5 tips for people who want to start their online business part time

A large portion of people who have online businesses today, began his "adventure" part time: a week after work, sacrificing free time ...

In fact, I include myself in that majority. I also started part time.

But before we continue, I just want to point out that having a part-time business is not the same as having a part time job.

A job that trade their time for money, and the more time passes the more money you earn in return.

In a business (online or not) you will win according to their results.

So if you are thinking about starting your online business, it is very important that mentalizar and focus their efforts to achieve results.

His remaining time is always scarce and so can not afford to waste time on things that do not bring results.

5 tips for people who want to start their online business part time

1. Choose a business that does not require much time to get results

As I said, in a business that matters it is results.

Given that your part-time business will start, you will not have much time.

So you should choose a type of business that you can get good results only working 2-3 hours a day (maximum).

2. Have a quiet space to work

It dedicated to the work required.

If you do not have an office - the simplest solution is to turn one of the partitions in your home office.

If you are single / a, then you start getting even from your room.

You just need a computer and internet connection.

If you are married / ae children, then it is best to convert a partition in your home office.

So when you decide you will devote time to your business, you can retire to your office and focus your attention and concentration to do what needs to be done.

3. Have a mentor

Choose a type of business that allows you to access a mentor.

A business that is based on network marketing or multilevel marketing is a good solution, as long as you choose a good company and the leader of the right.

As I always argue: "In network marketing, the interest of his mentor for you to succeed."
"In network marketing, the interest of his mentor for you to succeed."
Its success is your success, so that their leader will help you and answer all your questions.

4. Anything to do

I remind you that you should focus on results.

And the results arise when tasks must be performed are actually executed, completed!

In training or webinars you will learn step by step to build your business.

Your mentor will also guide and explain the tasks to be performed on each occasion.

Then close the door of your office, make scheduled tasks, and then spend quality time with your family.

That way you will maintain the balance of family and succeed!

5. Create habits and advance step by step

Aristotle said:

. "You are what you repeatedly do Excellence is not an event - it is a habit," and to reach this conclusion was based on his life experience and knowledge ..

Follow this maxim of Aristotle, and create work habits. Repeat them! Day after day, week after week, month after month ...

The critical phase of any business is the initial phase.

You dont have anything. It starts from zero.

Then you have to start with the realization of the first tasks and spend the first steps.

That's how I started and is the same for everyone.

No doubt there will be obstacles.

Seek help from your mentor and not even think about quitting.

To succeed in your online business, there are some tasks to do: create content, ads, generate traffic, answering emails, helping others, etc.

Create your habits. Analyze what brings results. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

You are what you do repeatedly in several ...

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