martes, 14 de junio de 2016

What is affiliate marketing and how it works?

Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing that is based on the achievement of results. Businesses or websites, called affiliates, are responsible for publicizing merchants (shops or advertisers) by posting their ads or promotions.

These affiliates get a commission when the user enters your website and performs some action (click on a banner, sign or buy). This type of marketing differs especially in the cost perceived by the company. The Cost Per Action (CPA) allows the advertiser to pay only for each of the users who determined not by action campaign.

And how it works?
It is simple, first of all we must join an affiliation platform. This platform is the intermediary between brand / product / service that advertises and website administrator. Therefore the platform offers customers the list of affiliated sites and from the general thematic contents, these they choose to publish their ads. In turn, the broker who offers both advertised as the site administrator, tracking service or tracking, which allows you to view the activity site generated from the banner or advertising application that stayed. Finally, we paid an agreed fee prior to the publication of advertising. Income generating activities are usually classified into: generated visits, buying products, booking, forms used and high in Newsletter, among others.

To close the circuit this business model, the affiliation platform charges a fee for their service.
This type of strategic marketing was not taken into account for many years, because the actions of online advertising focused on the websites of high traffic or those official sites of mass media such as newspapers, radio stations or channels TV. Over the years, in the departments of maketing companies they began to make out that publication in affiliation platforms generated greater results with lower investments.

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